Garrison Fortress — ABOUT

Garrison emerged around the time that his vessel had already seen 19 trips around the Sun. A stint in the hospital for mental health sent the vessel’s former occupant into the deeper recesses of the cranium as Garrison made himself at home. Both personalities coexist, but Garrison is the face of the enterprise. Music: guitar, programmables, bass, vocals, production, recording; these are his expertise. As everything is personal–the external influencing the internal and vice versa ad infinitum–emotional and calculating sound emanate from whatever happens to be driving his music at the time. Be it politics or his own story, science, etc…his mind records as it perceives. Don’t all artists? Need anyone say more about their art?


Visual art is regarded by Garrison in much the same way as his sonic endeavors. That is, regarded… then verbed with great ambition and frenzy immediately after. He discovered cryptoArt in February of 2021 and relished the mysterious and beautiful technology that it would provide. Already digitally submerged in a binary sea of art files, the NFT art world seemed to be the perfect pipeline for the pool of pictures pleasing to the pupils that Garrison was holding. And yet more were made, animated, set to sound, transferred, burned, delivered, sold, given away. If all of this sounds dense and whimsical, flowery, arrogant, sincere, compassionate, empathetic, pathetic, robust, austere…

confusing, literate, irrational, logical…and on and on like Borges’s Library of Babel

…like life. Everything exists all at once. It’s where you look and what you make of it, the path you take, the books you read. Garrison seeks to impart knowledge from his POV so that others may learn or at least cope from and with their own respective realities.

Trying to Make Sense of Anything 2018