my Tezos Crypto Art

Silicon Reacting to Information
This is what I imagine a semiconductor looks like while gossiping. This piece is an entrant into OBJKT4OBJKT.
2d gif objkt4objkt colorspace digital microverse continuum quanta
Universal Gravitational Wave Brane Bump
What is a universe? Some say a universe is infinite, but there could also be infinitely many universes; crashing into one another whilst adjacent and sending ripples through the other. Like the Butterfly Effect, gravity comes in waves and passes through all of us, forever altering time and space.
crystal expressionism ripple physics animation 2d 3d abstract gif rgb colorspace timewarp gravity universe brane
Stable Isotope
Helium-3 is a stable isotope. It has 2 protons, 2 electrons, and 1 neutron. Most Helium-3 results from the radioactive decay of tritium. Protium is the only other isotope that is stable with more protons than neutrons. Everything vibrates, even stable isotopes.
proton nucleus helium elements machine figure nuclear diagram gif particle chemistry atomic photoshop electron rgb isotope atom neutron physics animation ai
Brain Wave Neural Network
Resonance imaging reveals the network of the brain. But who’s (or what’s) brain is it?
Smart Device Nervous System
Our devices are extensions of us. This little glowing box with which a user interacts knows more about the user than the user knows about him or her or their self. This question becomes: are we now cyborgs, living symbiotically with these devices, or will that realization happen when the first person integrates a circuit into their brain? And from that point on, one would have to decide: should my brain run on Android or Apple?
He Who Lives in the Data
1 pixel red, 1 green, 1 blue multiplied and contorted into a face duplicated and inverted. His language is numbers. His knowledge is artificial. He lives in the data.